• TALK the Series

    This is a series my wife and I created. Really having a great time making it and even better people actually like it.

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  • Stand-Up @ The HaHa

    2013 Set in L.A.

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  • Honda Civic Campaign

    This was a great experience for me, I was able to work with one of the most acclaimed commercial directors in the industry and an Oscar winning cinematographer.

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  • MOBY-Hello, Future…(Music Video)

    This was a great opportunity to be able to tell a story without any dialog. Two stories play out over the course of the video so I was able to play two completely different versions […]

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  • Step Brothers

    This was a lot of fun, I got to be on stage with Will Ferrel and talk smack to him while being paid. Adam Scott was really great too and gave some good encouraging career […]

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  • Jorts-Short

    This is a short film I did in Austin, Tx. We had a lot of fun with this quirky concept of Jorts and Love 🙂

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  • The Eves Trailer (Independent Feature)

    My first full length feature filmed in my very own Texas, I was living in L.A. at the time but was fortunate enough to be cast in this project and spend the summer back home…ish. […]

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  • NBC’s America’s Favorite Mom Campaign

    A campaign to show what moms go through. Thanks to moms! Just pretending to go through what you do was enough for me 🙂

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