From the Woods of East Texas


Micah spent his formative years being homeschooled in the woods of Palestine, Texas. He loved watching the movies that his parents allowed (and the ones they didn’t) in the loft of the barn that he and his dad converted into his childhood bedroom. That’s where he would spend hours in the mirror talking to himself and developing a knack for comedic timing. Other than prayer, his family relied on Micah to be their counselor, and he did so through laughter. When he was 12 years old a “Hollywood” movie, Rough Riders, came into town to use the Palestine railroad station and posted a casting for extras in the local newspaper, including children. Much like most of his homeschooling, his mom read about this and thought that it would be a great learning experience for Micah. 


Thus, Rough Riders became the first production that young Micah would set foot on—his first taste of the magic of filmmaking. To this day, he still remembers the incredible excitement that he felt when witnessing the exhilarating filmmaking process for the first time. He would carry this experience with him for the rest of his life, for it was the beginning of both of his lifelong dreams: becoming a filmmaker, and playing a cowboy. 


When Micah was finally allowed to attend public schools at the age of 13, he soon found a home and community in the Palestine High School theater department. For him going to public school was like walking onto another planet, one where all kinds of kids were able to be involved in all kinds of extracurricular activities, he could barely believe how magical that felt. Finally, all the years of dancing and performing in front of a mirror in the loft of a barn finally led to an opportunity to perform in front of, and with, other real people. That’s where he first made an audience laugh, an intoxication that still drives him today. He’s beyond grateful to be given the opportunity to connect with more real-life people through filmmaking today.